The Arctic Circle on board
"Southern Star"
Croisière Arctique-Photo Delphine Maratier


Aventure Voyages is offering Sail Adventure vacations from 10 to 12 days towards the Lofoten Islands, the North Cape, Spitsbergen and Tysfjord on board Southern Star, an 75' monohull.
Boarding in Tromsø or Longuearbyen you will discover a truly magnificent part of our world, where mountains and sea embrace in a brilliant symphony of colors under the midnight sun.

You will go and search for polar bears, whales and killer whales in Tysfjord, or you will take part to one of our Sail and Ski trips in the Lyngen Alps.

 If you are up to an Adventure in a Cruise and Learn atmosphere, where discovey, team spirit and due respect to the fragile ecosystems are true value, then you sure have a berth awaiting for you on board Southern Star!