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Anywhere in Canada, you will have numerous options to chose from, each of them quite more interesting  than the others. Be it on the Western Coast, in the great North or to the East, exceptional adventures awaits...

British Colombia is a province which fauna and  flora are extremely rich. Take advantage of your vacation time to discover the wild and well protected  side of B.C. by travelling in a comfortable motorhome in search of  bears, moose, golden eagles, or  mountain goats.  Surrounded with absolutely grand landscapes, you will end your daily drive by a campfire on which  to grill your salmon... You will also want to sail the rich coast of British Columbia on board a magnificent old rigger accross the Inside Passage or in the Queen Charlotte Islands

Are you unhappy with your  English? Please, come learn English in Canada and enjoy our linguistic studies, with daily English classes, homestay accommodation in an English-speaking family, and visits of the surrounding area. A total immersion in English, from one to six months, or more... 

For true adventure lovers, our snowmobile expeditions will give you the opportunity to discover Quebec in 6 to 10 days raids and rallyes in spectacular frozen landscapes...

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