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Motorhome rental and camping-car rental in Canada
Visit Canada in motorhome, camping-car or All Wheel Drive vehicle:
British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec...
Motorhome rental in British COlumbia
Once in Western Canada, in Quebec or in Ontario, the best way to travel and discover Canada is to rent a well-equipped motorhome or an SUV equipped with all the camping gear you need. Our motorhomes and RVs will give you the best opportunity to discover ever-changing landscapes and drive the numerous roads that were once opened to allow forest exploitation. These roads will grant you access to remote places and allow you to choose between wilderness camping and camping in a Provincial or a National campgrounds whilst taking advantage of the autonomy the motorhome offers.

Aventure Voyages offers a wide range of motorhomes and all wheel drive vehicles, never older than 2 years. Leaving from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal or Quebec city, you will select the perfect motorhome or all wheel drive vehicle. We will be more than happy to provide you with detailed information and will make sure to share our experience in motorhomes and SUVs, helping you to organise the best holidays you have ever imagined in a motorhome in this beautiful and friendly country.  


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